Christine Wong and Tien Lardner in qipaos in front of ceramics wall at Pearl River Mart
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An Iconic NYC Institution

Celebrating its 51st anniversary, Pearl River Mart was founded as a “friendship store” in 1971. From home furnishings to fashion to snacks and everything in between, the iconic Asian emporium features one-of-a-kind items imported from Asia, as well as innovative merchandise designed and created by Asian Americans. A beloved destination for people from all over the globe, Pearl River has become symbolic of the uniqueness, authenticity, and multiculturalism of New York City. Read our story.

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White brocade rabbit against background of vases and flowers

Year of the Rabbit: Everything You Need to Know

Time to hop into a new Lunar Year.
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Pearl River Mart employees at annual dinner at Jing Fong

Pearl River in 2022: A Year in Review

It's time again for our year-end tradition.
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Headshot of artist Warren King

Artist-in-Residence Warren King: Connecting to a Community, Reconnecting to His Roots

We're excited and honored to be able to show Mr. King's incredible work.
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