10 Gadgety Gifts for Father's Day

10 Gadgety Gifts for Father's Day

Whether he's Mr. Fix-It or Mr. Wish-He’d-Fix-It, chances are you know someone who loves gizmos, thingamajigs, and watchmacallits, the cleverer the better. You’re in luck: we have 10 gadgety gifts for the father figure in your life.

Three-in-One Fish Corkscrew

What's better than a a corkscrew that looks like a fish? How about one that’s also a bottle opener and foil cutter? If you want to get extra fishy, check out this angling-themed vacuum flask.


All-In-One Tools

Help him expand his tool collection with these multi-function hammers, whether six-in-one or 10-in-one, or this eight-in-one torpedo screwdriver set.


Back Relaxers

Dad can scratch and relax his back with this extending copper back scratcher or these two-in-one back scratchers and massagers, with ball or brush.


Cocktail Recipe Glasses


More gadgety than an actual gadget but still pretty nifty. Follow the measurements and ingredients on the glasses to create ready-to-drink beer- and liquor-based potables.


Stress Relief in the Palm of His Hand

Also called baoding balls, rotating these little stress relief gizmos are supposed to relax the hand and improve dexterity. They come in four sizes, each pair in its own gift-worthy box.

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