Satin lipstick cases with floral patterns

Beautify Your Gift Giving: 8 Gifts for the Beauty Product Lover

Know someone who can spend hours wandering the beauty product aisle, has lipsticks in every shade imaginable (and some unimaginable), and enough moisturizer for an ashy army? They might just love these eight unique beauty gifts we've handpicked.

Facial Masks

Whether you have dry skin, combination, or just need something soothing, we have a mask for you. Check out the ones from premier K-beauty line, Peach Slices, as well as Oh! K.

Jade Facial Massage Roller

Long used in China, the jade roller is believed to improve circulation, reduce puffiness, even skin tone, and tighten pores. At the very least, it feels lovely!

Fun Lip Balm

Hello Kitty lip balm

Your face isn’t the only thing that needs TLC. In cold weather, lips need extra protection, and what better way than with kawaii Hello Kitty balm. Prefer it more on the sassy side? Check out some lip sh*t.

Exfoliating Bath Cloth

What’s the use in slathering on lotion if you’ve got a layer of dry skin blocking the way? Not only does an exfoliating bath cloth slough away dead skin cells, it might help improve circulation and give you a rosy glow.

Kawaii Hand Moisturizers

Rilakkuma brand hand cream

Cold winter weather and harsh indoor heat can take a toll on hands. Kawaii hand creams to the rescue! Available in Rilakkuma with shea butter and Aggretsuko "handy dandy" hand cream.

JINsoon Nail Beauty


Now that your hands are dreamy soft, it’s time for some color. JINsoon is an award-winning nail polish line from “manicurist to the stars,” Jin Soon Choi. Check out our whole collection.

Brocade and Satin Lipstick Cases

Help the beauty product lover keep track of their lipstick with a satin or brocade holder. Available in different shapes, with and without mirrors.

Porcelain Compact Mirror

Sure, you can use your phone, but these porcelain compact mirrors are much prettier and delicate way to check your face. Includes two mirrors, normal and magnified.

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