Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Ways to Make Him Feel Right at Home 

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Ways to Make Him Feel Right at Home 

The term “stay-at-home dad” has a whole new meaning this year. Why not make his stay at home even comfier with these 10 gift ideas?

Help him slipper into something more comfortable

Blue brocade slippers with "thousand dragons" pattern

According to The New York Times, it’s all about robes and slippers these days. You can help him up his indoor footwear game with these brocade slippers. Not only are they comfortable, they’re pretty spiffy with a “thousand dragon” pattern.

Sock it to him

Peach and blue socks that say killin' it

Has he got something to say? He can say it with a pair of sassy socks. Whether he’s a take no sh*ts kind of guy, a grumpy old man, or the coolest coworker on the conference call. Or if he’s really into video games, music, or SPAM. Or if he just loves cats and dogs. Plus! All our novelty socks are 15% off!

Put him to sleep

 Eye mask that says loading

Everyone needs the proper amount of shuteye. These ultrasoft sleep masks block out unwanted light and lets would-be disturbers know to please do not disturb.

Get him  or at least his glasses  fixed

Eyeglass repair kit

If the father figure in your life is a man who likes to read, his glasses will need to be in tip top shape. This handy little kit has all the tools necessary for a quick spectacle repair.

Serve him some special tea

Big Red Robe tea

Awesomely named Big Red Robe oolong tea has mythic origins. It’s believed to have come tea plants growing in the Nine Dragon Cave in the Wuyi mountains and to have survived for a thousand of years. Now Dad can enjoy this fragrant tea in 40-gram packets and gift tins with four packets each.

Encourage his inner Ultraman

Display of action figure model kits

Move over model airplanes, model action figures are here. More of a collector? Ready-made versions are available too.

Build his mini-block obsession

Nanoblock pikachu

If something LEGO-like is more up his alley, he might enjoy some Nanoblocks. Amp up his love for anime with Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z characters. Feed his foodie-ness with a bowl of ramen or hamburger on a bun. Laud his love for animals with a cute French bulldog, adorable sloth, or fierce great white shark.

Grill him about his attitude

Gene barbecuing with oven mitt and kids in the back

Is he a cooking-outdoorsman? Help him BBQ with attitude with some funny oven mitts and aprons.

Fulfill his bubble tea craving

DIY bubble tea kit with milk options

If he’s been hankering for boba tea and hasn’t been able to get it, you’ve got a treat for him: DIY bubble tea kits! Available in five varieties with options for non-dairy milk, the kits are the creation of Tea & Milk, an independent boba shop based in Astoria, Queens. Each order helps keep their staff employed and allows them to continue their work donating beverages and PPE to frontline workers.

Send him all the snacks

Snack Attack Friendship Box

He might need some snacks to go with that tea: you’ll find a bunch in the Snack Attack! Friendship Box. You can also check out all the boxes.

Want even more? Take a gander at our Father’s Day collection and all our gift guides.
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