Get Class-y: 15 Back-to-School Ideas from Pearl River Mart

Get Class-y: 15 Back-to-School Ideas from Pearl River Mart

The summer’s almost over, which means you have just a few more weeks before it’s time to head back to class. Whether you love or hate the idea, Pearl River can help you rule the school.


No matter your style, we have something for you.


You can’t go wrong with the classics, whether hardcover or hand-sewn.


You can also get fancy with our decorative Nepalese journals or pretty brocade cover notebooks.


Get punny and yummy with these dumpling and dim sum designs from Wonton in a Million.



What better way to accompany spiffy new notebooks than with spiffy new pencils and pens?

Pens and Pencils

If mechanical pencils are your thing, you have a choice of two bears: Rilakkuma and panda, which also includes a pen. For regular pencils, we have the bamboo and colorful varieties.


You'll need to keep those pencils sharp somehow! These owl and rabbit sharpeners are just too cute not to use.


Now where to put your new writing implements? How about in some kawaii zipper pouches? You may also like this natural bamboo canister and this deluxe dragon cup. And if you prefer things a little weird, this bok choy shaped holder and these milk carton pouches are for you.



Everyone makes mistakes — even more reason to stock up on some adorable erasers.

Bento Boxes and Cupcakes

These erasers aren’t edible, but they might as well be! Available as Japanese lunch boxes and desserts galore.

Lucky Charms

You can also get lucky with these maneki-neko cat and daruma doll sets.

Now Ear This!

If van Gogh is more up your alley, these ear-shaped earasers (get it? ear-aser?) might be for you.



Now you just need a place to stash all your new stuff. Our wide variety of bags has you covered.

Messenger Bags

Perfect for books, a laptop, or iPad. You can go funky or serve the people.

Coin Purses

Use these sassy coin purses for lunch money. Also perfect for lip balm, credit card, and more!

Insulated Lunch Sacks

Do one better and brown bag it with these cute insulated lunch sacks. They keep food hot or cold.

All-Purpose Bags

Use these oversized zipper pouches and chic totes for just about everything else.



Finally, cap everything off with a ...

Retro "Mao" Cap

Keep your noggin snug and look good doing it with this newsboy-like cap. Available in black, navy, gray, and army green.

Beaded Bracelets 

Express yourself with these "power" bracelets, each with a symbol of peace, harmony, or cohesion. You can also get energized with a chakra band for your wrist.

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