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Get Cozy with Pearl River: 9 Comfy Gifts Perfect for the Snug Bug

Holiday season means lots of fun gatherings, and if you're a social butterfly, that often means braving the winter weather and flitting from (exhausting) party to (even more exhausting) party. Sometimes we think the snug bug knows better, nestling in their most comfortable PJs, book (or Netflix) and hot drink in hand.

Whether you are such a person or know someone who is, you might enjoy these nine comfy items, perfect for those who know how to turn chilling at home into an art form.

Pusheen Slippers

Pusheen slippers

Who’s Pusheen and why would anyone want to wear her face on their feet? She’s a gray tabby cat who’s a supercute internet sensation. Plus the slippers are great for warming up chilly tootsies.


Stuffed animal display

You can never be too old for a stuffed animal. Give your loved one something perfectly huggable.

Silky Robe

Blue robe

Wrap yourself up in a lovely robe. Available in a variety of colors, including black, pink, champagne, and many more. Check out robes for men too.

Serenity Candle and Incense Holder

Hand shaped incense holder

Now that you have your robe and slippers, it’s time cozify the atmosphere. A symbol of serenity, this open hand can hold both an incense stick and, in its fingertips, a tea light.

Matcha Tea Powder, Whisky, and Spoon

Matcha teasYou can’t get much cozier than a cup of tea. Green matcha powder tea has a rich and unique flavor. Best made with a matcha spoon and whisk.

Panda Tea Set

Panda tea set

While not exactly traditional, this panda tea set for one is pretty adorable. Made of ceramic, the panda head doubles as a cup and stacks for storage. A stainless steel mesh is included.

Cozy Tea Friendship Box

Tea lovers Friendship Box

Our tea lovers Friendship Box is perfect for curling up. Includes a canister of high-quality jasmine tea from artisan purveyor, Silver Needle Tea Co.; a washi paper tea leaf container; a cute Chinese mug with cap; tea-worthy snacks; and more.

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