Gifts for the Graduate: 12 Ways to Help Them Deck Out Their New Digs

Gifts for the Graduate: 12 Ways to Help Them Deck Out Their New Digs

It’s graduation season, which means you might know someone who will be donning the old cap and gown. Help them celebrate with these fun gift ideas from Pearl River. Whether they’re going off to college or moving into their first pad, here are 12 ways you can help them deck out their digs in style — and save space and money.

Golden lucky cat

Give the recent grad a chance for extra bucks with a maneki-neko lucky cat. The gold version is supposed to bring fortune and prosperity.


Expandable vase

Flowers make a great housewarming gift but chances are the new apartment dweller won’t have a vase. This expandable, reusable vase to the rescue! It holds water and, when not being used, collapses to save space.


Peking opera mask bottle openers

What good is a six pack (only for graduates 21 and over of course) without a bottle opener? These Chinese opera mask openers are magnetized so you can slap on the fridge for easy storage and access.


Mini salt lamp

An economical, space-saving version of a Himalayan salt lamp. Purify the air while prettifying the decor.


Mason jar sewing kit

The grad may also be graduating from T-shirts to dress shirts, which means lost buttons. Good to have this mason jar sewing kit on hand. It includes a variety of thread wheels, a needle set, scissors, a thimble, spare buttons, and more. The lid also doubles as a pin cushion.


All-in-one tool

No room for a toolbox? This multi-tool solves that space issue. Get the grad 10 tools in one, including a hammer, flat head and Philips screwdrivers, wire cutters, and pliers.


One-cup coffee filter

Help the graduate wake up for the new job with this single-serving coffee “buddy.” All the caffeine and none of the bulk of a traditional coffee maker.


A mug of one's own

While you’re at it, check out this super-cute cat mug, this pretty floral one, and these of a rustic design.


Classy ceramic bowls and plates

Even if they’re eating instant ramen, cold pizza, or leftover takeout, they can do so in style. These microwave- and dishwasher-safe bowls and plates add a touch of sophistication to any table.


Brown bag it in style

Encourage new grads to save their pennies by bringing lunch in a stylish insulated lunch bag rather than buying.


Golden piggy bank

Speaking of saving money, grads can do so in this cute, golden piggy bank. A lucky cat version is also available.


Can’t decide?

If you have no idea what they want, get the graduate an e-gift card and let them choose! Available in denominations of $25, $50, and $100. For web purchases only.
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