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Play with Your Food: 10 Gift Ideas for the Foodie In Your Life

Being a foodie isn’t just about loving food — it’s about loving everything food-related. And if you have such a person in your life, you’re in luck: we have a positive cornucopia of fun food items. Here are 10 gift ideas any epicure would sink their teeth into.

Punny T-Shirts

Know someone who’s all that and dim sum? Or who’s living their best ramen life? Or who simply loves noodles of all kinds? These punny T-shirts will pho shizzle bring a smile to their faces and perhaps a rumble to their tummies.

Foodie Onesies and Kids' T-Shirts

Kids and babies can also get in on fun food action. Not only are our punny adult T-shirts available for kids (Dim Sum, Ramen Life, and Pho Shizzle), we have ridiculously cute onesies made to look like your favorite foods, from ramen to to sriracha to bubble tea. Check out the whole collection.

Foodie Socks

I love spam socks

Help them show their love for food from head to toe with some foodie socks

Food-Shaped Storage Containers

Why store your fruits and vegetables in plain old Tupperware when you can use fruit-and-vegetable-shaped containers? We have a wide variety, including containers for avocados, onions, and more.

Classic Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

If you prefer stainless steel, check out our classic lunch containers, available in a round shape with a dish, as a stackable tower, and rectangles.

Wonton in a Million

Wonton in a Million steam team

If planning enthusiasts, dim sum aficionados, and kawaii-lovers had a baby, it would be Wonton in a Million. You can’t get much cuter than these dim-sum-themed cards, stickers, bags, and more.

Food-Themed Nanoblocks

Why just eat food when you can build it? You can use these Japanese modeling blocks to make a bowl of ramen and a hamburger. Check out our whole Nanoblocks collection.

Gudetama Plushies

Pile of Gudetama stuffed toys

In case you didn't know, Gudetama is a super lazy egg who's also super cute! Available in many plush formations.

Snacky Pusheen Backpack Clips

Pusheen is a chubby gray tabby cat who loves to snack. These backpack clips feature Pusheen munching on pizza, potato chips, and a birthday cupcake.

Snack Attack! Friendship Box

Sometimes the only thing that will do for foodies is, well, food. Packed to them brim with some of the tastiest Asian treats around, our new Friendship Box (we actually have three options this season) is designed to fend off those snack attacks.

If we’ve piqued your gift-giving appetites, you might enjoy all our gift guides.
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