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Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide: 25 Ideas for $25 and Under

Sometimes you just want to give that special someone a little something special. That's where these 25 gifts ideas for $25 and under fit the bill.

Takeout gift boxes

These takeout gift boxes are sweet, kawaii, and classic. The clear packaging is inspired by Chinese food takeout containers, and inside are things equally delightful: Asian Sweets, a variety of yummy treats; Cute Kawaii, a selection from our kawaii collection; and Pearl River Favorites, best-selling items like Bee & Flower soap, a lucky cat figurine, White Flower oil, classic Chinese candies, and more. (Please note substitutions may be made depending on availability.)

Baisun scented candles

Baisun dalgona candles

One of our favorite new products of 2021, these scented candles feature such Asian-inspired fragrances as White Rabbit, Brown Sugar Boba, and Yuzu. Keep your eye out for a new batch of scents coming soon, including dalgona, an homage to everyone's obsession, Squid Game.

Squid Game merch

Squid Game masked guard plushes

Speaking of the most stressful yet addictive show on television, we've got masked guard plushes, pop bags, pens, and keychains (oh my!). Perfect to tide over the Squid Game enthusiast until season two.

Kitschy ornaments

Cup Noodles and gold fortune cookie ornaments

Add some kitsch to your Christmas tree and holiday decor with Cup Noodle and blingy fortune cookie glass ornaments. (Please note the ornaments are fragile and should be handled with care.)

Kiki's Delivery Service Jiji in Cage paper theater

Kiki's Delivery Service Jiji paper theater

For fans of both Studio Ghibli and arts & crafts is this DIY paper theater depicting Jiji, the familiar of witch-in-training Kiki from the beloved film.


Dragon Ball Z Nanoblock 

If you know someone who loves to build things, they might be into Nanoblocks, detailed models made with super-small blocks.

JINsoon nail polish

JINsoon nail polish


A no-brainer for the beauty product lover. Our collection of JINsoon nail polish includes plenty of sparkly options for New Year's Eve.

Jade facial roller

Jade roller 

Help them roll their way to beauty with a jade roller. The act of rolling is believed to temporarily reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation. Learn more about the jade roller, its benefits, and how its used.

Lip Sh*t lip balm

Lip shit lip balm

For that special someone who's appreciates a bit of sass and non-chapped lips. The Lip Sh*t Lip Balms have fun designs and contain beeswax and vitamin E to moisturize and project.

Fun socks

 SPAM socks

You can rarely go wrong with a pair of fun socks. Both men's and women's available.

Miguelito's soaps

Miguelito soap

Another favorite new product of the year. From founder Miguel Carrasco (also a Pearl River assistant manager), this line of fragrant soaps is inspired by different regions and natural resources of Miguel's home country, the Philippines.

Peony towels

Peony and striped towels

Now that your hands are spic and span, dry them off with a classic Pearl River item: peony towels. Made in Shanghai, the floral towels feature peonies — known as “the king of the flowers” and representing wealth and integrity — and the lucky number 88, which sounds like “fortune” in Chinese. Also available in striped design

Pechoin hand cream

Pechoin hand cream on green silk 

Just what your paws need these cold and dry winter months. Starting in Shanghai, China in 1931, the Pechoin brand of beauty products has been around for 90 years. We love the classic blue and yellow tin of this hand cream with its charming birds (Pechoin translates roughly as “100 finches singing”).

Brocade coin purses

Brocade coin purses in various colors and sizes

Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, brocade coin purses are perfect for jewelry, change, subway passes, credit cards, and IDs. They're also the perfect size for the little hands of future fashionistas.

Brocade notebooks

Brocade notebooks

We love these brocade notebooks so much, we use them as guests books for all of our art exhibitions. The sumptuous covers feature either crane or scenery designs while the blank pages are great for either writing or sketching.

Pocket Chinese Almanac 2022

Chinese pocket almanac 2022

The traditional Chinese almanac is a centuries-old repository of cultural information, from household tips to general medical remedies, and regular predictions of which periods are auspicious or ominous for a wide range of daily pursuits. Authors Joanna C. Lee and Ken Smith translate and decode the almanac's predictions in this pocket-sized version with daily listings for 2022, the Year of the Tiger.

This year's almanac is extra special: the cover art is by none other than Kam Mak, the artist behind the previous 12-year run of Lunar New Year postage stamps, author and illustrator of My Chinatown among many other books, and former Pearl River artist-in-residence.

Be sure to check out the authors' other "pocket" books.

Calligraphy sets

Calligraphy set

Know someone who loves or wants to try their hand at Chinese calligraphy? This brocade or wooden box set might be for them.

Handcrafted eco paper garlands

Eco paper garlands

These handcrafted garlands are made with eco-friendly Lokta paper, a handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal. Available in a variety of animals designs as well as flowers, stars, and stripes, these garlands add a whimsical touch to any room.

Gold ruyi "wishing" wand

Gold ruyi wand

This gift takes first place for most unique, at least on this list. The decorative gold ruyi wand is a kind of "wishing" stick. The word ruyi translates from Chinese as, "May all your wishes come true." During the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912), emperors and empresses were gifted with ruyi wands on auspicious occasions such as birthdays, new years, and weddings.

Takenaka chopsticks with case

Takenaka chopsticks with blue case

Have chopsticks will travel! They can bring their Takenaka chopsticks wherever they go in a cool and modern-looking carrying case.

Taro boba tea reusable tumbler

Taro boba tea tumbler 

This purple taro boba tumbler is totes adorbs! With a straw large enough for tapioca pearls, the tumbler can be used for just about any kind of beverage.

Ceramic bobble head animals

Springy head pandas 

These springy-headed ceramic critters are sure to bring a smile to almost anyone's face.

Pintrill pins

Pintrill lucky cat pin

We developed this special collection of Pearl River pins with our friends at Pintrill. It includes almost everything we love, from bubble tea to bao, noodles to mahjong, and of course our signature lucky cat and spinning double fish.

Red tortoise cake earrings

Red tortoise cake earrings

From Tinypinc, an independent artist in Malaysia, these adorable earrings depict red tortoise cake, a kind of sweet glutinous rice cake eaten on birthdays and Lunar New Year. Why? Turtles and tortoises symbolize longevity in Chinese culture. 

Electronic gift card

Gift card illustration


Make shopping part of the gift with an e-gift card. Available starting at $25. (Please note e-gift cards can't be used in-store nor can in-store gift cards be used online.)

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