College student Tiffany with sunglasses in front of Pearl River Mart store

Dorm Decor Challenge: A Splash of the Unexpected

It’s our last #88challenge! All month we’ve been seeing what creative college students can do with a dorm decor vision and $88 worth of Pearl River purchases. Today we have our final contender, Tiffany, a junior at New York University.
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College student Ruby poses with a green bowl in Pearl River

Dorm Decor Challenge: It’s Easy Being Green

Eighty-eight dollars and a dream — that’s all the college students we tasked with our #88challenge have to decorate their dorm rooms. Today we meet Ruby, a first-year at Pace University.
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College student Aubri looks at lucky bamboo plants at Pearl River

Dorm Decor Challenge: Creating a Calm Space

Our #88challenge continues! See what our latest college student has done to zhuzh up her dorm room with $88 worth of Pearl River goodies. 
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College student Skye in Pearl River Mart, browsing lucky cat figurines

Dorm Decor Challenge: Modern, Loud, and Proud

If you had $88 to spend at Pearl River, what would you buy to give your home a little flair? That’s the question was posed to college students moving into their dorms this fall. First up, we have Skye, a first-year at the University of Pennsylvania.

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