Treat Yourself: A Singles' Day Buying Guide

Treat Yourself: A Singles' Day Buying Guide

Valentine’s Day, Schmalentine’s Day — who needs all that lovey-dovey stuff when you have Singles’ Day?

Started in 1993 by students at Nanjing University in China, Singles’ Day was originally known as Bachelors’ Day or Guānggùn Jié. The creators of the holiday picked November 11, or 11/11, due to the date’s proliferation of ones as well as its resemblance to the literal translation of Guanggun, “empty sticks.”

In 2011, Guānggùn Jié (11/11/11) was proclaimed “Singles Day of the Century,” and was ushered in with even bigger celebrations and huge sales on shopping sites like Alibaba. Since then it’s become the biggest online shopping day in the world.

We at Pearl River think you should spend the day treating yourselves, whether with a swanky getaway, a decadent meal, or these luxurious items.

High-Tech Jewelry

Indulge yourself with a luxe statement piece from architect and designer Jenny Wu. These nylon and stainless steel earrings, cuffs, and necklaces are 3D printed, each striking and completely unique.

Silky Robes

Live in the lap of luxury by slipping into one of our gorgeous 100% silk robes, complete with intricate dragon and phoenix embroidery. Available in black, cobalt blue, red, and violet.

Sumptuous Peacock Velvet Shawl

Strut your stuff in one of our peacock velvet shawls. Whether in black, white, green, blue, or burgundy, you’ll turn heads in this dazzling design.

Lovely Lotus Flower Jacket

Because you can’t wear that Uniqlo jacket everywhere. Dress up a chilly night out with our flattering wool blend jacket with blue, green, fuchsia, or red lotus against black.

Korean Beauty Masks

Spoil your skin with pearls and caviar. It’s believed that the minerals and amino acids in pearl extract help even skin tone while caviar’s fatty acids and vitamins may reduce the signs of aging.

Loofah Bar Soaps

Continue spa day with these fragrant mildly exfoliating bar soaps. You have your choice of sea loofah, which contains 2% seaweed from the coast of Brittany; invigorating mint, perfect for a morning pick-me-up; cinnamon to spice up your shower; and delicious nilla, colored with caramel and scented with vanillin from clove oil.

All the Snacks

Think this bag of Sriracha popcorn is too big for one? Think again.

Friendship Box

Speaking of snacks, our latest Friendship Box is chock full of them. In honor of the opening of our second location in that foodie’s paradise, Chelsea Market, you’ll enjoy treats both sweet and savory along with tea, chopsticks, and other Pearl River favorites.

What are you waiting for? Start treating yourself right now.

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