We're Flipping Out — Over Our New Flip-Flops!

We're Flipping Out — Over Our New Flip-Flops!

Summer may be almost over, but it’s never too late to stock up on flip-flops! Our exclusive Asian design line is here just in time for your last summer trip, your next tropical vacation, or that warm weather destination wedding.

Each pair has a unique design, and each design has a special meaning.


Our peony flip-flops are sure to give your feet the royal treatment. Known as “king of the flowers” in China, this gorgeous blossom is a symbol of virtue, prosperity, and honor. Available in blue and pink.


Make your feet the luckiest tootsies in town. Fu, the character for “fortune” or “luck,” appears on everything from wind chimes to flower pots to posters. The character is often hung upside down on doors since the word for “upside down” sounds like the one for “arrive.” So hanging the character in that direction is supposed to help luck arrive more swiftly. As for wearing the fu character, it might bring the wearer extra fortune.


Stretch out these last summer days with our longevity flip-flops. Like fu, the Chinese character for long life, shou, can be found on just about anything. Furniture, ceramics, jewelry, and textiles. Sometimes it appears alone and sometimes surrounded by other good luck symbols, such as flowers or bats (the Chinese word for bat sounds like “luck”). On our flip-flops, the longevity characters appear boldly on their own.

Double Happiness

Double your happiness with our special wedding flip-flops. Shuang xi — which is made up of twin xis, the character for “happiness” — is used specifically for marital bliss. Which makes these the perfect flip-flops for nuptial festivities, whether for newly pedicured bridesmaids or feet-weary guests worn out from the dance floor.

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