Peach Slices Sheet Masks (Calm, Hydrate, and Shrink Pores Masks out of stock; all others available)

SKU: PSL-811002

Six types of sheet masks from Peach Slices of Peach & Lily, a leading brand of Korean skincare, also known as K-beauty. All sizes: 25g / 0.84 fl oz.

Brighten. Diminish the appearance of dark spots and dull skin with this brightening cotton sheet mask. Packed with Japanese yuzu citrus and lotus, this combination works together to boost skin’s radiance for a more even skin tone. Ideal for dull, lackluster skin. 

Hydrate. Without moisture, your skin can become slack, dull, cracked, and even break out. Instantly refresh and rejuvenate skin with this natural cotton sheet mask with intense hydration from antioxidant-rich thyme and the Chinese morning calm flower.

Shrink Pores. This natural cotton sheet mask contains exfoliating willow bark, soothing hinoki cypress, hydrating rose, brightening citrus, clarifying cinnamon, and other natural ingredients, which combine to help firm skin and reduce the appearance of pores.

Calm. A delightful blend of jasmine — known for its healing and moisturizing properties — and relaxing chamomile in this natural cotton sheet mask work to instantly restore skin into a calm, soothed state. 

Firm. Immediately helping to firm and lift skin, this potent natural cotton sheet mask delivers a unique blend of natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits from pomegranate, nourishing honey, witch hazel, and Vitamin D-rich mushrooms from Asia’s pristine mountains. 

Clarify. This cotton sheet mask helps draw out impurities like dirt and dead skin cells for cleaner, clearer, and happier skin. It uses an innovative blend of luxurious and time-tested ingredients, such as soothing loquat from the plum family and vitamin-packed, skin-toning persimmon leaves.

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