Spot Fighter Blemish Patches - for Acne and Pimples


These pimple patches extract pus from whiteheads and promote clearer skin. Say goodbye to acne! AM Spot Fighters are thin enough to be untraceable while PM Spot Fighters are thicker and are more heavy duty. Spot Fighter Blemish Patches come as AM, PM, and Trial Pack.

  • AM Patches: 72 patches total, 10mm and 12mm
  • PM Patches: 78 patches total, 12mm and 14mm
  • Trial Pack: 54 patches total: 30 AM Patches (10mm) and 24 PM Patches (14mm)

Key Ingredients:

  • Hydrocolloid: A breathable material that helps create a moist environment to help absorb, extract, and protect pimples.
  • Tea Tree Leaf Oil: A anti-inflammatory ingredient to help minimize redness and irritation.

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