Chakra Stone Pack

SKU: GE-5042

Chakra Stone Pack: open – release – balance. This pack of genuine stones aligns and balances the 7 main chakra points within the body. These energy centers respond to physical, mental, and emotional well being, so it is beneficial to keep them flowing in their spiral state. You can hold these crystals while meditating, lay them on chakra points, or simply carry them with you throughout the day. In the pack, there is a crystal property guide outlining corresponding chakra colors, affirmations, and the crystals included.

  • Stones included:
    • Clear quartz: Crown Chakra “I know” - Awareness
    • Lepidolite: Third Eye Chakra “I see” - Intuition
    • Lapis: Throat Chakra “I speak” - Communication
    • Aventurine: Heart Chakra “I love” - Love
    • Citrine: Solar Plexus Chakra “I share” - Self Esteem
    • Carnelian: Sacral Chakra “I create” - Creativity
    • Red jasper: Root Chakra “I am”- Survival

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