Year of the Rabbit Chelsea Market Extravaganza

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Happy Year of the Rabbit! Check out the all the deets below. You can also download a lucky checklist.


5 PM: Free performances on main concourse in front of Pearl River Mart 

  • Traditional Chinese dance performance from Ling Tang
  • Lion dancing performance from the Wan Chi Ming Dragon Lion Team

5 to 8 PM: $5 and $8 lucky foods and libations on the lower level near and inside Pearl River Mart Foods. While supplies last.



The Lucky Dog ... $8

  • Char Siu Hot Dog w/ Spicy Pickled Radish, Char Siu-Mayo, Scallions and Crispy Fried Onions
  • Char siu is a Chinese-style BBQ pork known for its delectable flavor and bright red marinade.


  • LUNAR Yuzu Hard Seltzer ... $5 
  • LUNAR Lychee Hard Seltzer ... $5
  • Red Pilsner, Industrial Arts ... $5
  • Garnacha Red Wine, Viña Zorzal ... $8 


Spicy Pork Triangles ... $8

  • Two rice balls filled with spicy pork, served with 1 sauce and pickle (GF) 
  • Sticky rice stands for togetherness


Dumplings ... $8 (5pcs mixed) 

  • Pork (white) / Vegetable (green) / Cherry Crème (pink)
  • This symbol of wealth is modeled after the ingot, ancient Chinese currency

Strawberry and Kumquat Tanghulu ... $8 each

  • Candied Fruit Skewer popular in northern China
  • Sweets are eaten for a sweet year


Matcha Sesame Tangyuan ... $8

  • Sweet Glutinous Rice Balls
  • Representing togetherness and reunions, tangyuan are often eaten on the Lantern Festival, the last day of the 15-day Lunar New Year festivities


Chelsea Drink ... $8

  • Japanese-inspired strawberry milk with fresh strawberry puree and boba. Choice of oat or whole milk.
  • The red of the strawberry stands for good luck while the sweet taste is for a sweet year


Pandan and Ube Nian Gao ... $5

Nian Gao, or New Year Sweet Rice Cake, is a must eat for Lunar New Year. The name in Chinese sounds like the words for “year” and “higher," and together symbolizes steady progress, or getting higher and better year after year. These pandan and ube versions are a modern twist by the acclaimed Lady Wong husband-and-wife team.


Sticky Rice Ball ... $5

Sticky rice is a traditionally  new year food eaten during Tet, or Lunar New Year, in Vietnam. Chef Helen Nguyen’s version, filled with mushroom, lap cheong, shredded chicken, and scallions, are rolled into balls — making them even luckier since round shapes symbolize completeness and mimic money!


  • Shrimp & Pork Shumai (3pcs) ... $5 
  • Sesame Balls (3pcs) ... $5 
  • Shrimp Balls (2pcs) ... $5 

Bite-sized dim sum are perfect lucky foods, especially those made with pork (forsymbolizing wealth) and shrimp (forsymbolizing happiness). Sesame balls, made of glutinous rice flour and stuffed with lotus seed paste, are extra lucky because they grow big, round, and golden when fried.


The Gold Cup of Luck ... $8

A modern take on home-cooked new year Massaman curry, the national dish of Thailand's national dish. Spicy and tangy, with coconut milk, potatoes and onions, in a flaky phyllo puff pastry. Vegan.


10-Veggie Delight Salad ... $8

Chefs Victor and Peter's spicy, tart, and refreshing interpretation of Pearl River Mart founder Mrs. Chen's 10-Veggie Delight. This cleansing dish honors a Buddhist tradition that nothing living should be killed on the first day of the new year. Each vegetable holds special meaning, including dried golden lily buds for wealth, wood ear for long life, and water chestnuts for family unity. Vegan, gluten-free.   


Japchae Noodle Salad ... $5

Japchae is Korea’s most popular festive dish when celebrating Lunar New Year, or Seollal. This version by Chef Esther's version consists of sweet potato glass noodles, sauteed with seasonal veggies in a savory, nutty, umami sauce. Served with Mokbar's house-made gochujang aioli. Vegan and gluten-free.


Sesame Noodles ... $8

Long life noodles are a new year must! This version by the grandson of the legendary Shorty Tang, inventor of sesame noodles, is made with bouncy lo mein, fresh veggies, sesame sauce (contains peanut butter), zha cai (pickled greens), and sesame seeds.

First come, first served! While supplies last.

Lucky Foods Checklist

Lunar New Year is all about stockpiling luck! Check off as many as you can and tally up your auspicious points at the end. See who's the luckiest among your friends!

 Noodles — Longevity
 Dumplings — Wealth
 Something round — Family unity and togetherness
 Something red — Happiness and good fortune
 Something sweet — A sweet year
 Citrus fruits — Luck, wealth, and abundance
 Vegetables — Cleansing of spirit and body
 Pork — Abundance
 Shrimp — Happiness
 Sticky rice — Togetherness
 Sesame balls — Unity and abundance
 Tangyuan — Togetherness and reunions
 Nian gao — Reaching new heights of success

Bonus points! 

Are you wearing any red? YES / NO

Did you give a red envelope to a child or lion? YES / NO

Have you wished someone a happy new year? YES / NO

You can use one of these greetings!

  • Xīn Nián Kuài Lè! 新年快乐! Mandarin Chinese
  • Kung Hei Fat Choy! 恭喜發財! Cantonese Chinese
  • Saehae Bok Mani Badeuseyo! Korean
  • Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! Vietnamese
  • Selamat Tahun Baru Cina! Malay
  • Sawasdee Phi Maï! Thai

Download the checklist.

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