Banana Magazine: Issue 005


Banana Magazine is a culture and lifestyle publication that celebrations "all things AZN." What exactly is a 'banana'? Originally a term for Western-born Asians (yellow on the outside and white on the inside), it has been reclaimed to refer to that blurred boundary between Eastern and Western culture and and to celebrate that unique identity and contemporary Asian culture.

The contents of the latest issue:

Never Whistle at Night (and Other Asian Superstitions) – a puzzle-inspired illustration depicting crowd-sourced Asian myths and superstitions passed down from generations past of across various Asian cultures.

Inside Taipei’s Drag Scene – Photos and a feature that take a look into Taipei’s drag renaissance, but also the obstacles the LGBTQ community must overcome to seek the inclusion and freedom they deserve.

A Rose By Another Name – navigating queer Asian American identity through art, this piece features artwork made in collaboration with calligrapher, Vincent Chong and MASSIVE.

Sundae School – fashion editorial and profile on Dae Lim, co-founder and CEO of Sundae School, a cannabis lifestyle brand.

Blazing Asians – portraits featuring Asians in the cannabis industry and uncovering how their life journeys have led them to the cannabis industry, despite the cultural backlash and stigma in Asian culture. Featured Asians include model Ryon Wu, Ayumi and Kensuke Hanaoka of 2WNTY3, writer Michelle Lhooq, Nabis co-founders Jun S. Lee and Vince Ning, cannabis expert Jennifer Seo and co-host of almostchill podcast, Geraldine Mae Cueva.

Sous Weed Cuisine: Cannabis-Infused Family Recipes – eye-catching food editorial depicting cannabis infused Chinese recipes from San Francisco-based chef Monica Lo.

Shaved Ice, Five Ways an ASMR-inspired photoshoot highlighting 5-6 styles of shaved ice across East and South Asia

The New Asian Kid – Writer Katharine Chan discusses passing traditions of our own to the next generation, and is illustrated through a children’s book concept that shows how today’s parents, and their kids, are equipped to approach common, alienating scenarios we may have dealt with growing up.

Thai Town, Los Angeles – photos documenting a day in Thai Town, Los Angeles, CA

The Reverse Commute: Immigrating from America to Vietnam – a piece from overseas that discusses the choice of six Vietnamese Americans who emigrated to Vietnam to pursue creative careers despite the haunting past of their parents’ generation.

Eric Hu – profile story spotlighting the work of designer Eric Hu—this issue’s cover artist.

The Asian in Asian America – Photographer Philip Cheung captures breathtaking images of The Central Pacific Railroad to honor the Chinese immigrants who laid down these tracks for the 150th  anniversary of the railroad’s completion.

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