Foojoy Bai Mudan White Tea - Teabag

SKU: KMF-156

Item: KMF-156

Bai Mudan - White Peony Tea grown only in Fujian.

Named for the downy white hairs on young leaves, this tea is neither de-enzymed nor oxidized, thereby retaining most of its original nutritive value.

The freshly plucked leaves are withered and dried under carefully monitored conditions, since time, temperature, air circulation and humidity can significantly impact the character of the tea.

Minimal processing means the finished leaves maintain a natural appearance: grayish-green in color and still showing white hairs. The resulting brew is apricot-yellow to orange, and sweet tasting. Pure and balanced, White Tea makes in a gentle, mild cup with no astringency.


100 teabags per box. Net weight 7 oz.  200 g.

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