Fong On Glass Set


Established in 1933, Fong On is the oldest family-run tofu shop in NYC, using age-old family recipes passed down by word-of-mouth. After closing doors in 2017, the small Chinatown business reopened under the direction of Paul Eng, grandson of the original owner. 

This pair of highball glasses are perfect for holding Fong On's specialty drinks — soy milk and herbal tea (both available at Pearl River Mart Foods) — or whatever your favorite beverage might be!

Each purchase comes in a pair. Three different options are available:

  • Option 1: One Drink Graphic glass + One Fong On Logo glass
  • Option 2: Two Fong On Logo glasses
  • Option 3: Two Drink Graphic glasses

100% of the profits from this collection go back to Chinatown businesses, and a portion of every sale goes to a nonprofit working hard for the community. Created in partnership with and designed by Welcome to Chinatown.

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