I Am an Amazing Asian Girl by Yobe Qiu


I am an amazing, adaptable, aspiring Asian girl! Everyone tells me so! Follow a journey of positive affirmations as our young narrator embraces her culture and is proud of her identity. This amazing Asian girl is ready to take on the world and remind readers how awesome they are along the way.

Looking for a story to improve your child’s positivity, confidence, and self-worth? I Am an Amazing Asian Girl reminds young readers that anything is possible when they believe in themselves.

Author and educator Yobe Qiu has written this story to help young Asian girls recognize their power, strength, and value. Read along with page-by-page affirmations. This Asian girl is active, appreciated, authentic, and more!

 I Am an Amazing Asian Girl is perfect for readers aged 3 to 6, introducing concepts that help children overcome self-doubt and develop good self-esteem. On every page, a colorful illustration represents a journey to daily positivity!

 In I Am an Amazing Asian Girl, you and your young reader will discover:

  • Positive affirmations for Asian girls
  • Confidence-boosting positive statements
  • Empowering adventures and cultural pride
  • Bright illustrations full of life and optimism


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