Lunar New Year Friendship Box: The Year of the Ox


Celebrate the Year of the Ox and Lunar New Year with our newest Friendship Box. Inside you'll find:

Treats to Bring Good Fortune. Eat your way to luck with ginger sweets, lucky candy, and other auspicious treats.

Year of the Ox Item. People born in an ox year are believed to be dependable, diligent, and hardworking. What better way to celebrate them than with a cute ox item that you can enjoy all year long?

Red Money Envelopes. Also called hong bao or lai see, these envelopes aren’t for mailing letters. They’re for gifting money, the crisper the bills the better. Children and singletons will especially benefit: traditionally, married couples are supposed to give hong bao to the young and unattached.

Lucky Decorations. Attracting good fortune (or 福 in Chinese) is imperative during the New Year, and you can do so with some lucky decorations. Perfect for a festive Zoom background or staying lucky all year round.

Noisemaker. Setting off firecrackers to scare away evil spirits is a Lunar New Year tradition. But anything noisy will do, whether a drum, party blower, or other clamorous item.

Pocket Chinese Almanac. What will 2021 bring? Find out in this little book of predictions for the Year of the Ox. Translated and annotated by Joanna C. Lee and Ken Smith, the almanac provides household tips, health remedies, and recommendations for auspicious times for a wide range of daily pursuits.

Please note substitutions might be made depending on availability.

    Learn more about the Year of the Ox and how to stay lucky for the Lunar New Year.

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