Meditation Stones Set

SKU: GE-50100

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries as a source of focus during meditation. Each stone is believed to possess a unique energy which can assist with your meditative practice and goals. 

Each kit is designed for a specific focus -- strength, creativity, and serenity -- and contains six stones with a list of their unique properties, along with a drawstring bag for storing.

"Strength" contains:

  • Aventurine for healing
  • Amethyst for protection
  • Onyx for strength
  • Tree agate for abundance
  • Chrysocolla for self-control
  • Quartz for focus

"Creativity" contains:

  • Citrine for imagination
  • Orange calcite for innovation
  • Tiger's eye for creativity
  • Sodalite for self-expression
  • Fluorite for intuition
  • Rhodonite for talent

"Serenity" contains:

  • Lepidolite for balance
  • Rose quartz for tranquility
  • Howlite for calm
  • Amazonite for peace
  • Pyrite for optimism
  • Blue quartz for happiness

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