Silver Needle Premium Teas


Four flavors from the Silver Needle Tea Company, a purveyor of single estate teas. The attractive canisters contain 40 grams of loose leaf tea and range from $18.50 to $22.50.

Jasmine. This delicate and elegant green tea offers an intoxicating aroma with floral notes and lingering sweetness. A specialty of Fujian Province, China, the tea leaves are harvested in late spring and immediately roasted with fresh jasmine flowers.

White Peony. Known to offer high antioxidants with comparably low caffeine content because white teas are the least processed of all tea types. Though its taste profile is faint at first, it becomes sweeter with each infusion, revealing a surprisingly smooth and grassy note at the end.

Wu Yi Mountain Black. The leaves are grown atop the Wu Yi Mountains in China and smoke-dried over pinewood fires, resulting in a distinctive smoky flavor and a rich and full-bodied tea with levels of depth and complexity. 

Oolong Iron Goddess of Mercy. Full roasted flavor with subtle floral notes. Legend says the Iron Goddess appeared in a poor farmer’s dream, leading him to discover the tea and his prosperity. The leaves are grown in Anxi, China, and hand-harvested and cultivated according to ancient tradition.



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