Pearl River Mart owner Mr. Chen holding larger box of masks in his NYC apartment

Pearl River Mask Drive: Help Get Masks to Docs and Nurses

As you likely have heard, medical professionals on the front lines in NYC are in desperate need of personal protective equipment. Doctors, nurses, and staff have been improvising with ski masks, swim goggles, bandannas, and garbage bags. They've been reusing disposable items over and over.

Since Pearl River Mart's been importing from China for almost 50 years, we've been working our sources to find the N95 and KN95 masks that hospitals are looking for. Our network of contacts is robust, efficient, and trustworthy. We now have immediate access to a limited supply of KN95s manufactured by an FDA-certified facility and can obtain more.

We’ve already donated an initial batch of masks to Elmhurst Hospital — one of the hardest hit in the city — via a friend who is a doctor there. We’d love to buy as many KN95s from our source as possible but will need some help. Any donation would be greatly appreciated! We’ll keep the supply going for as long as we can — directly to our brave doctors, nurses, and front-line staff.

Visit the link here for more details. No donation is too small. Thank you for considering!

Joanne Kwong, Mr. & Mrs. Chen, and all of us at Pearl River Mart
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