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Gathering of people at Pearl River Mart at Chelsea Market


Check out all our upcoming events! All are in person unless otherwise indicated. Please note dates and times are subject to change.

Doosra Tasting

Sample some delicious South Asian-inspired snacks! So pleased to welcome back Doosra founder, Kartik Das, to Pearl River mart Foods.

Saturday, July 27 • 3 to 5 PM • Pearl River Mart Foods • FREE

Anna Ye Tea Tasting

Welcome back to Anna Ye Tea for another delicious tasting! This time founder Anna Ye will be sharing a couple of her new additions.

Sunday, July 28 • 3 to 5 PM • Pearl River Mart Foods • FREE

Amazin' Graze Tasting

Like nuts and granola? You're in luck! Amazin' Graze will be handing out yummy samples of their all-natural and freshly baked nut and granola mixes all weekend long.

Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11 • 3 to 5 PM • Pearl River Mart Foods • FREE

Tamarind Heads Tasting

Come by and sample some offerings from Tamarind Heads! They specialize in tamarind-based BBQ and hot sauces offering a unique blend of tart, tangy, smoky, sweet, and spicy flavors. 

Saturday, August 17 • 3 to 5 PM • Pearl River Mart Foods • FREE

Chutni Punch Tasting

Time to try some Chutni Punch! Their line of condiment powders are inspired by South Indian chutney pudis, a powdered mixture of toasted lentils, seeds, and spices.  

Sunday, August 18 • 3 to 5 PM • Pearl River Mart Foods • FREE

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