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Mooncakes Are Here!
Get ready for Mid-Autumn Festival
Artist Julia Chon in front of painting
Meet Artist Julia Chon
'Spirit Dreams' on view thru Jan. 21
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Laksa Shop at Little Eats
Slurp up Southeast Asian noodles
Colorful vases
Pretty Ceramics
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An Iconic NYC Institution

Celebrating its 51st anniversary, Pearl River Mart was founded as a “friendship store” in 1971. From home furnishings to fashion to snacks and everything in between, the iconic Asian emporium features one-of-a-kind items imported from Asia, as well as innovative merchandise designed and created by Asian Americans. A beloved destination for people from all over the globe, Pearl River has become symbolic of the uniqueness, authenticity, and multiculturalism of New York City. Read our story.

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Rabbit Mug
Laksa Shop founder Cassandra Lam in front of Pearl River Mart Foods

Cassandra Lam of Laksa Shop: Life is a Bowl of Laksa

We had the chance to chat with the founder of Mama Lam's and the Laksa Shop.
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Artist Julia Chon in front of painting of mother and child on floral background

Artist-in-Residence Julia Chon: Finding Inspiration in Family

We had the chance to speak to Ms. Chon about how her art career started, how a family photograph sparked the idea for her show at Pearl River Mart, and her first muse.
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A night view of a city with a beautiful pink moon

The Mid-Autumn Festival: Family, the Full Moon, and Mooncakes

You might already know about Lunar New Year, the biggest holiday in many Asian countries, but how about the second biggest holiday?
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