Watercolor painting of lucky cat on table surrounded by dishes and in front of a red Pearl River Mart banner with lanterns in the background

Locavore: Pearl River Mart’s Annual Sunset Celebration

Much thanks to writer and artist Elizabeth Yoo (her work was featured in our Chelsea Market exhibition, "Not Your China Doll: Art Inspired by Anna May Wong") for the wonderful article about our AANHPI Heritage Month Sunset Celebration and the beautiful watercolor (above)! From the article:

The [AANHPIHM] festivities culminated in Pearl River Mart’s Sunset Celebration, their third annual soirée held during AANHPI Heritage Month, which spotlights small businesses, food, and art. Joanne says the event was born out of a desire to foster connection during a time of isolation: “It all started with a conversation we had during our Lunar New Year celebration in 2021. We were still at peak pandemic so that was one of the few big gatherings at the time. It required us to improvise with outdoor dining and social distancing. We brought together a small group of friends, including our partners at Pearl River Mart Foods, as well as the , and served a four-course meal in 10 degree weather. It was crazy but fun.” Joanne and the founders of wanted to create something similar during “normal” times and thus, the first Sunset Celebration followed in May of 2022.

Read the whole piece. Thanks again Elizabeth!

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