Hotpot Havoc Game


The annual Hotpot Havoc Challenge has begun! Cook, dip, and eat your way to victory against up to 4 other competitors! Fill your bowl with the best and most delicious ingredients and be the first in line to pick the perfect sauce for your ingredients, but do not overeat! Pick your bowls wisely and you might stand a chance to be the ultimate Hotpot Havoc Champion!

Hotpot Havoc is a 2-5 player game in which first pick the eating utensils of choice, which will give points based on the amount of food you put inside it. Putting too much food will result in demerit points for the round. Meanwhile, you have to quickly flip through your ingredient deck looking for the ingredients you want to keep and throwing out those you do not wish to keep in a public pot. Players can snatch up ingredients in the public pot. Once the players are happy with the ingredients they have, they can grab a turn order tag of their choice which will give them choice to select different type of sauces, which will award bonus points base on the types of ingredients they have in their containers. The player with the most points wins!

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