Ping On Ointment

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Ping On Ointment has been widely used for 

Muscular pain, strain, lumbago, headache, common cold, seasickness, burns or scalds, swelling, minor bleeding, chilblains, chapped skin, aches and itches except allergic ache. It is an effective mosquito repellent and a soothing massage balm for the weary muscle.

 Size: 8 gram.

Muscular pain, strain and lumbago
Use Ping On Ointment to rub lightly onto the affected area in the morning and night to bring relief to the pain.

Burns and Scalds
Immediately after minor burns and scalds have taken place, lavishly smear a thick layer of Ping On Ointment onto the affected area and preferably cover the area with sterilized gauze. A calm, cooling effect will take place in a few minutes. There will be no red marks or blisters formed on the skin. Those suffering from serious burns and scalds must consult a medical practitioner.

Minor Twist and Sprain
Immediately after suffering from a minor twist and sprain, the application of Ping On Ointment on the affected area will alleviate both the swelling and the pain.

Sports People and Manual Workers
Use Ping On Ointment to anoint and better still to massage the fatigued muscles, limbs and joints before bedtime to relieve the pain and to maintain the well-being of the muscles.

Mosquito Repellent for Hikers and Campers
Apply Ping On Ointment on uncovered skin to repel mosquitoes. If mosquito bite has taken place, apply Ping On Ointment on the affected area to stop the inflammation and the itch.

Nasal Congestion Due to Cold
Apply Ping On Ointment on the area between the upper lip and the nostrils to clear the nasal congestion.

Cold, Travel Sickness, Nausea Due to Travel Sickness
Apply Ping On Ointment on the area between the upper lip and the nostrils, and use Ping On Ointment to massage the temples, the back of the ears, the back and the base of the neck and the shoulders to bring a sense of general relief and well-being. For nausea resulting from travel sickness, in addition to following the aforesaid directions, use Ping On Ointment to lightly massage the stomach.

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