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Fun box of "good luck" items from Chinese culture

A Friendship Box full of good luck charms.

Unique. Affordable. Useful. Fun. Whether you want to award employees for a job well done or are celebrating the season of giving, Pearl River might have what you need.

Friendship Boxes

Can’t decide on just one thing? Give a Friendship Box! Share yummy Asian snacks or exquisite artisan tea. A spa in a box or carton of kawaii. A treasure trove of lucky charms or the best of Pearl River. Check out them all out here.

Lucky cat umbrella

Keep our lucky cat close by to always stay nice and dry! Compact with an easy-to-grip handle, this official Pearl River Mart umbrella features our unofficial mascot, the manekineko or waving cat, believed to attract good fortune. We hope it also attracts clear skies!

Lucky cat canvas tote bags

Young woman with red lucky cat tote bag walking past Pearl River Mart

You can never have enough tote bags, especially ones with a cute lucky cat. 

Lucky cat eco-bags

Split screen with two young women, one holding a yellow "eco" bag and other holding a red bag

Take the lucky cat with you on every grocery trip. These eco-friendly bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and fold up into their own easy-to-carry pouch. Available in red (original size) and bright yellow (deluxe size).

Brocade notebooks

Two notebooks with blue and red "wave" design

Help spark those ideas with some pretty brocade fabric notebooks, available in blossoms and bamboo leaves, hakusan wave, and hand-painted floral.

Cute planters

Three cute hedgehog plants in blue, green, and pink

Add a little green and good feng shui to their work spaces with a cute ceramic planter. Available in unicorn, hedgehog, dog, cat, and panda.

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