Corky Lee on My Mind: Edward Cheng

Photographer Ed Cheng with his photo

Young Asian Anti-Hate Protesters (Diptych) (2021, Rise Up Against Asian Hate Rally, Foley Square, NYC)

“In the past months, I've imagined Corky showing up at rallies, protests, and celebrations around the neighborhood. I show up to see he is there — he is always with us.

“Picking up photography and living in Chinatown, I quickly learned about who Corky was and what he meant to the community. Over the years, we had photographed together, exhibited together, ate and drank together. He helped introduce me to the community and got me to think about Asian American identity."

"Corky would have been at this Rise Up Against Asian Hate Rally. And he would have wanted me there too.”


Edward Cheng is a native New Yorker, a freelance computer programmer and a seasoned globetrotting backpacker. Through photography, he works on long term projects documenting Christian Holy Weeks and Easters around the world, Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, Chinese-American experience and Eldridge Street in the Lower Manhattan of New York City. Cheng is a teaching assistant and a permanent fixture at the International Center of Photography; he regularly assists for darkroom masters Steve Anchell, Brian Young, and Chuck Kelton. 


Instagram: @blinddrunkenmonkey

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