Jasmine Loose Tea Varieties (By the Ounce)

SKU: ETC-6138A

We're pleased to offer a variety of premium quality jasmine loose teas sold by the ounce.

Jasmine Downy Pearl 

This special tea is made by hand-rolling green tea buds and silvery tips into pearl shapes. The pearls are then scented with jasmine, creating a fragrant bouquet. When brewed, the pearls unfurl to show the tea leaves.

  • Flavor profile: Lightly herbal, grapey-sweet, delicate. Clean and fragrant jasmine scent.
  • Caffeine content: Medium-low

Super Yin Hao Jasmine

Yin hao or "silver tip" jasmine tea is a fragrant green tea from Fujian province, China. Infused with jasmine flowers many times over to create an exquisite floral scent.

  • Flavor profile: Layered and lingering floral aroma. Soft, full-bodied, sweet with slightly dry finish. 
  • Caffeine content: Medium-low

Jasmine Silver Needle White — Currently out of stock.

Loose tea sold by ounce.

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