Healing Stones Kit


Certain stones are believed to have healing properties to help re-energize and achieve balance. Each kit contains 12 stones:

  • Amethyst -- Provides peace and removes negative energy
  • Aventurine -- Attracts calm as well as good fortune and prosperity
  • Sodalite -- Promotes creativity and deep thinking
  • Agate -- Increases energy
  • Crystal quartz -- Helps with meditation and overall health
  • Rose quartz -- Brings love and confidence
  • Tiger eye -- Increases energy, especially while traveling
  • Obsidian -- Provides protection, balance, food fortune, and prosperity
  • Orange calcite -- Balances emotions and removes fear
  • Unakite -- Promotes self-awareness and self-love
  • Dalmatian jasper -- Encourages family loyalty
  • Hematite -- Promotes strength and courage

Each stone is polished to a shine.  Includes a drawstring bag.

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