Auria's Malaysian Kitchen: Spice Blends


A former Chopped contestant, Auria Abraham (also known as NYC’s “Sambal Lady”) started her business with the goal of making authentic yet accessible Malaysian food available to the American public.

Rendang Spice Blend

A spice blend to make all your rendang dreams come true! If you've had rendang (pronounced rehn-da:hng) at a good Malaysian restaurant and can't stop dreaming about it, this spice blend is for you. This spice blend is authentic to Minangkabau-style rendang, which was brought over to Malaysia by migrating Indonesians in the 1400s. The Minangkabau people settled primarily in Negeri Sembilan (Auria's home state), and have upheld their distinct cooking traditions over the centuries.

Curry Spice Blend

Make a mouthwatering Malaysian curry with ease! This curry spice blend is based off of Auria's mum's weeknight curry. 

Satay Spice Blend

Love to grill? You're going to LOVE these 100% authentic Malaysian flavors. This satay spice blend is inspired by many satay dinners out with family back home in Malaysia. Satay is commonly found at hawker centers around the country, and each family has their favorite spots. This blend is our tribute to the satay vendors in the tiny town of Kajang, which is famous for its mouthwatering satay. 


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