Jilly Bing Doll

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Founder Elenor Mak wanted a doll that looked like her daughter, Jillian. But she was disappointed to find no such doll existed. So she created her own.

Named for her daughter and one of her first words, bing, Mandarin Chinese for "cookie," the Jilly Bing doll was created by Elenor along with a talented team of designers, storytellers, and parents. The goal was to develop a doll that looked like real Asian American children.

Jilly is a fun-loving, Asian American girl with a smile that lights up the room. She loves baking with Grandma and picnics with friends. She has a sweet tooth for tarts, cookies, and anything made with red bean.

When Jilly is baking, her chef's hat gives her inspiration. But when she needs a friend, Jilly's hat transforms into L'il Tart, a sunny sidekick who is always ready for a fun adventure and snuggles.

Pearl River Mart is proud to be the first-ever retailer to carry the Jilly Bing doll.

What's in the Box?

Contents: 14-inch vinyl doll with nylon-fiber hair wearing an apron-inspired dress, short-sleeved shirt, bowtie, plastic sneakers, and underpants (all removable); chef’s hat that flips into L’il Tart friend; two triangular bandanas (7" X 7" X 10.5")

Materials: Clothing and accessories are made of a cotton-blend material. Sneakers are made of vinyl plastic.

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Age Recommendation: 3+ (Jilly loves to play with people of all ages, but she comes with small parts not suitable for the tiniest of tots.)

Please Note: The final product may be slightly different than pictured here.

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