Mooncake Lychee Scented Candle


Just in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival are Baisun's mooncake-shaped scented candles. 

Inspired by Hong Kong's snow skin mooncake style, Baisun's seasonal mooncake-shaped candles come three to a tin with one cotton wick to burn any remaining wax.


  • Burn the mooncake candle on the lid each tin comes with. This will capture any melted wax from damaging your table's surface. 
  • Collect the remaining pucks of wax after burning your mooncake and break them into the tin. Once the tin is full of the remaining wax, you can light the tin's wick as another candle itself! 

Please note the mooncake design packaged may be different from the image. Baisun's molds have six designs.

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