Tiny Bao Plush Keychain


This adorable plush is ready to capture hearts with its cuddly and endearing allure. Add it to your keys, bag, or purse, and bring a warm serving of joy everywhere you wander! ! We've whipped up something distinctly awesome for you. Y Display your affection for all things bao with this charming pairing.

 Size: 2.5 in tall x 1.6 in wide

Care: It is recommended you hand wash and hang dry your plush. Both machine-sewed and hand-sewn components. Due to hand-sewn components, rough play is not advised; however, it does not show problems with getting tossed around a bit. The key-chain attachment is machine-sewn to the body of the plush, so it stays on very well.

*Not recommended for children under 3 years of age

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