Yun Hai Wu Yin Taiwanese Black Vinegar


NYC-based small business Yun Hai 雲海 offers a selection of premium ingredients for Chinese and Taiwanese cooking, sourcing directly from artisans, farms, and soy sauce breweries in Taiwan.

Taiwanese black vinegar is the wild child of the black vinegar family, more analogous to Worcestershire sauce than the Chinese black grain vinegars it’s commonly associated with. It’s used all across Taiwanese cuisine, from seasoning Oyster Vermicelli and Dan Zai noodles to dipping soup dumplings.

It’s got a tangy, fruity taste that goes perfectly with Taiwanese food, but also great as a seasoning for grilled meats or cold salads. You could use it as a vegan sub for Worcestershire or in Japanese recipes for tonkatsu sauce and yakisoba. It’s not a good substitute for the rest of the Chinese black vinegar family.

  • Plum, molasses, lemon drop
  • 3.1% acidity
  • Ingredients: water, glutinous rice, wheat, plum, lemon, pomelo, sugar, salt, caramel (sugar), licorice extract
  • 230 ml

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