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Pearl River is Now on Mercato!

Want Asian snacks and cooking ingredients delivered straight to your door? You're in luck: Pearl River is now on Mercato.

If you live in New York City, you can have our grocery items delivered by next day. Have a hankering for sweets? We got you covered with Hi-Chew up the wazoo and gummies galore. Prefer something salty? We have chips of the potato, shrimp, and salted egg variety, and crackers both rice and pea. You can also get various beverages — from teas to strawberry milk to Calpico — to quench your thirst.

Or if you need ingredients for Asian cooking, check out our sauces and oilsseasoning and spicesvinegar and dressings, and instant noodles for something extra easy.

Plus! You'll get a free snack surprise in every order from our Mercato shop or our website. Check it out!

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