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Pearl River Hacks: 11 Easy Ways to Keep Your Cool This Summer

Those hot and hazy days of summer are upon us, and sure, A/C is great, but it can get expensive. We're here to give you some fun, unusual, and inexpensive ways to keep your cool this summer.

Cool down with hot tea

Four canisters of Silver Needle Tea Company's artisan tea leaves

The Chinese believe that drinking hot beverages is key to keeping your qi, or energy, in balance, even during the sweltering summer months. While sipping scalding tea on a scalding day might seem like the worst idea, it turns science backs it up: hot drinks can cool you down, mostly by making you sweat.

Chill out with some chili sauce

Jars of Sze Daddy chili oil


Along those lines, eating spicy foods may also help take the heat off. In a nutshell, scarfing down something covered in delicious chili oil won't just tantalize your taste buds — it'll make you sweat, which will evaporate and cool you down.

Our fans are a breeze

Two beautiful bamboo fans

Get breezy with our wide array of fans, whether paper, nylon, bamboo, straw, or and wood. Want to open a fan like a pro? Check out our how-to video.

Straw hats off to you

Simple yet useful straw hat

It's a no-brainer: keep out of the sun, keep your cool. Our wide-brimmed straw hat offers plenty of coverage while the lightweight material won't weight you down.

Get light on your feet

Pretty Mary Jane shoes with a floral brocade pattern

Kick off those dress shoes and slip your feet into our satin slippers and supercute floral brocade Mary Janes.

Dare to bare 

Two young woman on Columbia campus

Going out for a summer night on the town? Stand out in one of our flirty halter tops.

Roll the heat away

A lovely jade roller

Jade rollers have long been used in different parts of Asia as a health and beauty tool. They're believed to increase circulation, reduce puffiness — and decrease inflammation if you store it in the fridge. Learn more about the uses of this handy device. 

If you can't get to Florida ...

Five bottles of refreshing Florida water

… get your hands on some Florida water. Fragrant and refreshing, this multi-purpose tonic also soothes those banes of summer existence: mosquito bites.

A touch of Tiger Balm

An open jar of tingling Tiger Balm, with box

Two of tiger balm’s main ingredients — camphor and menthol — trigger your cold receptors. Hence, the ointment’s cooling effect. Dab a little on your quick-cooling spots, including your temples, neck, wrists, and the insides of your elbows and knees.

Sleep tight with a tatami

A sleepy kitten on a tatami mat

Photo by Takashi Hososhima, CC BY 2.0

Chances are your mattress absorbs your body heat and throws it right back at you. Add a layer of tatami for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

What are some of your hacks for staying cool? Show us on Instagram and Facebook! Tag us and we might feature you on our feeds.

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