The artists from the REUNION exhibition in Pearl River Mart

Reunion: Food as Culture, Community, and Coming Home (Feb. 1–April 21, 2024)

This exhibition celebrated that unsung hero, the food photographer, in particular those of AAPI descent.
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Artist Julia Chon beside her painting and altar table

Spirit Dreams: Where Ancestors Come to Speak (Sept. 21, 2023–Jan. 21, 2024)

Korean American artist Julia Chon made an interesting discovery about her family. Her great-aunt — her grandfather's sister — practiced shamanism. 
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Artist and collector Arlan Huang, curator Howie Chen, Pearl River Mart President Joanne Kwong, curator Danielle Wu in Pearl River Mart's gallery

Just Between Us: From the Archives of Arlan Huang (May 4–Sept. 10, 2023)

Like a confidence between friends, intel given off the record, or a shared history or experience, this exhibition was “just between us.”
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Arlan Huang with his painting in Chelsea Market

Corridor Glance: Paintings by Arlan Huang (May 1–May 30, 2023)

Presented in partnership with the Asian American Arts Alliance, this exhibition of Arlan Huang’s abstract paintings was inspired by Wong Kar-wai’s classic film, “In the Mood for Love.” 
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Artist Warren King surrounded by his cardboard sculptures in the Pearl River Mart gallery

Our Roots Run Deep: Finding Home in Chinatown (Jan. 12–April 23, 2023)

From Chinese American artist Warren King, this exhibition featured Mr. King’s a series of distinctive life-sized sculptures, as well as smaller scale and wall-hanging pieces. 
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Joanne Kwong, Sammy Yuen, Mott Street Girls founders, Sammy's kids

Drawn Together: Stories of Resilience and Renewal in NYC Chinatown (Sept. 10–Dec. 28, 2022)

Presented in partnership with Mott Street Girls and Asian American Arts Alliance, this exhibition featured exquisitely detailed line drawings of historic Chinatown businesses, landmarks, and community organizations. 
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Artists from group show Soft Solidarity at Pearl River Mart gallery

Soft Solidarity: Uniting to Protect, Empower, and Heal (May 14–Aug. 28, 2022)

Presented in partnership with the Asian American Arts Alliance, SOFT SOLIDARITY: UNITING TO PROTECT, EMPOWER, AND HEAL was a group exhibition that explored how Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) as a diverse and varied community can unite in the face of adversity and discrimination.
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Artist Nancy Pappas with her artwork

Essential Ingredients: A Recipe for Rediscovery (Jan. 20–April 24, 2022)

For artist Nancy Pappas, food represents rediscovery. As an artist and traveler. A midwesterner, New Yorker, and ex-pat. A Korean adoptee and Korean American. It's about getting back to her roots — those first simple ingredients that come together to make a complex whole.
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Yin Kong, Heartmind curators, Bob Lee, and Joanne Kwong in Pearl River Mart gallery

Heartmind: Portraits from the Bob Eng Lee and Asian American Arts Centre Collections (Oct. 20, 2021–Jan. 9, 2022)

Presented in collaboration with Think!Chinatown, HEARTMIND featured just a few examples of these vast collections.
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Some of the participating artists from Corky Lee on My Mind

Corky Lee on My Mind (June 11—Sept. 18, 2021)

We were honored to relaunch our gallery in SoHo with an exhibition celebrating our dear friend, photographer, and legend, Corky Lee.
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Futures Ever Arriving artists and curator in front of Pearl River Mart in Chelsea Market

Futures Ever Arriving (May 6–June 27, 2021)

Presented in partnership with the Asian American Arts Alliance and Chelsea Market, FUTURES EVER ARRIVING was a group exhibition in celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month.
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Curator Kelly Lan and artist Bo Feng Lin at their exhibition

Curator Kelly Lan and Artist Bo Feng Lin: Against All Odds: Asian Women Who Dared to Be Great (March 14–May 3, 2020)

Through stunning potraiture and in celebration of Women's History Month, this exhibition featured the stories of six amazing Asian and Asian American women who strove against institutional barriers and adversity to make their marks and achieve their dreams.
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