Reddish brown monkey figurines with gold monkey king figurine at center

Feng Shui Objects

These objects are conducive to promoting good feng shui in any space, and are auspicious in general.

Chi Lin or Qilin

Also called the dragon horse or Chinese unicorn, the qilin brings strong, protective feng shui energy with blessings of good health and prosperity. It's also very loyal to its owner and is believed to protect the home from evil spirits. 


Help attract new energy, stimulate opportunities, and blow away obstacles in your life. The sound is the most potent aspect of this powerful object: it’s thought to clear away stagnant energy while bringing new, positive energy to space.


Very different from the evil, winged, fire-breathing reptiles of Western lore, Chinese dragons are exuberant, playful, and beneficent creatures that live on both land and in the air. They are associated with spring rains and water, and are symbols of abundant life, strength, fertility, and prosperity.

They are great for areas in your life that require strength, courage, protection, enthusiasm, and prosperity. Learn even more about dragons in Chinese culture. 


Symbol of strength, wisdom, good luck, and careful reasoning. As one of the oldest and most revered of the animal symbols, the elephant achieves great wisdom, strength, and power as it grows to an old age. 

You can embrace the elephant’s wisdom, strength, and protection by placing a one or two at your front door facing inward. Keep in mind that a lifted trunk means good luck while a lowered trunk represents determination.

Learn even more about elephants in Asian cultures.


A powerful symbol of patience, commitment, and success against all challenges. They can also promote harmony and are generally good luck. In Chinese culture, they symbolize strength and perseverance. In Japanese culture, they are associated with love and beauty. Learn even more about fish in Asian cultures.

Fu Lions or Fu Dogs

A symbol of protection. Under his right paw, the male Fu Lion holds a globe, which signifies control over his domain and protection of his home. The female Fu Lion holds a cub under her left paw, signifying strong protective and maternal instincts.

To balance the energy of your home and maximize harmony and good fortune, be sure to arrange the Fu Lions properly. Place them on either side of a door or entryway looking outward. Facing the entrance, the male should be on the right and the female on the left. If they are small statuettes or bookends, you should keep them in one room on the same table.


Elephant-headed Hindu god of wisdom and learning as well as the remover of obstacles. Learn even more about Ganesh and elephants in Asian cultures. 

Golden Pig 

Symbol of abundance, fertility, reliability, and honesty. The words on the piggy bank, "Chao Chai Jin Bao," translate as “Bringing Wealth.” Learn even more about pigs in Asian cultures.


Used to make resonant tones to signal the beginning and end of meditation sessions. The gong's energetic resonance and vibrations create a sound that is said to chase away evil spirits, clear stale chi, promote the positive flow of energy, and keep the home peaceful and safe.

Gourds or Wu Lou

Associated with good fortune and fertility in Taoism and Buddhism due to the winding vines and huge seeds, as well as healing and longevity in feng shui. A good omen, the gourd is believed to magnify good fortune. 

Guan Gong 

The embodiment of honesty and integrity, Guan Gong is often displayed by businesses as a sign of trustworthiness and defender of their good name. 


Resembling an ancient form of Chinese currency, ingots are believed to promote harmony, peace, and wealth, and to attract happiness and prosperity.

Money Toad or Jin Chan

Helps attract and protect wealth, and guards against bad luck. For full effectiveness:

  • Don’t put the toad on the floor
  • Don’t put it in the bathroom or bedroom
  • Place it near your front door facing into your home
  • Put a lucky coin in its mouth (if it doesn’t already have one)

Monkey King

Represents strength and loyalty. He is a warrior who can expel ghosts and safeguard people. Displaying him at home or the office is thought to ward off evil energy.


Widely regarded as a symbol of wisdom and protector against evil. Owls are popular among those in the education or research industries since they're closely associated with the attributes of knowledge, intelligence and wisdom.


Chinese mythical hybrid creature considered a powerful protector. It’s said to have a voracious appetite for gold, silver, and jewels. The male Pixiu is called Tian Lu and has one antler. He is in charge of wealth. Bixie is female with two antlers. She wards off evil spirits.


    Used to attract safety, wealth, and good fortune. A large turtle with two small turtles stacked on its back represent three healthy generations and is a potent longevity symbol. Tuck a tiny turtle under your bed for more restful sleep and to help cure insomnia.

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