Mao's Bao buns and Tea and Milk beverages

Tasting Table: Guide To The Best Spots For Food And Drink In Chelsea Market NYC

Thanks to Tasting Table for including Pearl River Mart Foods and our in-store vendors, Mao's Bao, Kimbap Lab, Laksa Shop, and Tea & Milk, in their recommendations for must-eats in Chelsea Market. From the article:

The bottom floor also has prepared food vendors, like Mao's Bao for boiled dumplings and the iconic sheng jian baos, a pan-fried bun stuffed with fillings like pork, beef, chicken, lamb, and Impossible meat. Kimbap Lab serves up a modern take on the Korean classic with seasoned rice, vegetables, and fillings like bulgogi beef, spicy pork, chicken, or tofu skins rolled in dried seaweed. Finally, the Little Eats snack bar hosts a rotating selection of Asian vendors. During winter, the award-winning Laksa Shop has been known to serve up Southeast Asian noodle soups to warm up guests. For traditional and unique bubble teas and coffees to pair with your food, stop by Tea and Milk. 

Read the whole piece.

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