Maeda-en Matcha Green Tea Powder

SKU: JFC-05448

Available in various qualities.

Universal Quality  100% natural Japanese Green Tea Powder.  It is the wise choice for health benefits, pleasure, and value. Its popularity has been unrivaled for decades. As an energy enhancer or mood relaxer.

Culinary Quality 100% natural Japanese Green Tea Powder. Perfect ingredient for energy enhancing, mood relaxation and flavor of a wide range of recipes.

Ceremonial Quality Japanese tea ceremony is a cultural tradition which has been practiced for centuries and only the highest quality Matcha Green Tea is served. Maeda-en’s  Matcha Green Tea Powder contains 100% natural Japanese Green Tea Powder. Exquisite in flavor and taste, this Matcha is deeply emerald green and extremely high quality. 

1 oz. tin. Product of Japan.

Maeda-en Japanese Green Tea

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