Senbird - Genmaicha Tsukimi

SKU: SBT-19001HG

Genmaicha Tsukimi is an organic, caffeine-free tea made of award-winning roasted sweet brown mochi rice. Compared to a regular Genmaicha, this tea does not contain green tea leaves.

The sweet brown mochi rice is expertly roasted and fully cooked so it's edible as is or after brewing. This results in a unique caffeine-free cup of Genmaicha that's smooth and soothing with the original sweetness of mochi rice still present. If you're feeling adventurous and creative, make your own blends by mixing Genmaicha Tsukimi with Sencha or Hojicha, or other teas!

Genmaicha pairs the soothing qualities of Sencha with an award-winning Koshihikari brown rice, which is first soaked and then expertly roasted to highlight its fragrant aroma.

Net Weight 3.5oz

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