Van Van Heaven Facing Chili


Van Van's Heaven Facing Chili is grown in Lâm Đồng, a province in the Central Highland region of Vietnam. The name comes from the way the peppers grow up toward the sky.

Despite their small size, these chili peppers have a lot to offer. They boast a fragrant aroma and distinctive flavor profile with notes of fruity sweetness and tangy acidity along with a moderate level of spiciness. 

How to use

  • Use in place of fresh chili peppers or chili flakes.
  • To rehydrate, add equal parts of water and dried chili pepper flakes in a small bowl. Let the herbs bloom for one to two minutes. In the meantime, heat oil in a cooking pan over medium heat for about one to two minutes. When the oil is hot, lower the heat to medium-low. Add the heaven facing chili peppers to the pan and quickly stir until they become aromatic. Use the herbs to marinate or however you want.
  • If using the chili peppers to make a dipping sauce (nước chấm), add the dehydrated chili peppers to fish sauce and season to taste with water, sugar, fish sauce, and lime (or vinegar).

Please note this product cooks quickly with the heat on. If using multiple herbs, prepare them separately as they have different cooking times.

  • Tasting notes: cocoa, black pepper, smoked paprika
  • Resealable bag
  • Net weight: 1.23 oz (35g)

    Van Van is a small AAPI-owned business based in NYC. Learn more about their inspiring story.

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