Dried Peach Resin

Secreted from peach trees, peach resin forms in amber-like crystals — hence its other moniker, "peach blossom tears."

Because it's rich in collagen, peach resin is believed to help with the elasticity and smoothness of skin. It's also thought to benefit the stomach and promote bowel movements (and therefore isn't recommended for those with stomach or digestive issues, or for pregnant people).

How to use: Peach resin soup takes only about 30 minutes to boil. Combine with different ingredients for various benefits:

  • Treat dry skin by boiling with pear, papaya, snow fungus, almonds, and bird's nest
  • Nourish the blood by boiling with red dates, goji berries, and longan
  • Promote stomach health by boiling with yam and lily bulbs

How to prepare:

  • Rinse peach resin and soak overnight
  • Remove the black impurities and wash thoroughly
  • The size will increase 8-10 times after soaking
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