Reunion: Food as Culture, Community, and Coming Home

Dan Ahn wearing glasses in black sweater

Reunion: Dan Ahn

Dan is a partner and the director of operations for Kimbap Lab and a freelance food photographer and videographer.
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Photographer Ben Hon smiling

Reunion: Ben Hon

Ben is a Brooklyn-based food and travel photographer whose life revolves around two passions: food and people. 
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Chef and photographer Christine Wong in green dress with drink

Reunion: Christine Wong (Curator)

Christine Wong is an author, plant-based cook, and advocate for eco-friendly choices who blends cultural representation with culinary expertise. 
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Sheil Shukla headshot

Reunion: Sheil Shukla

Sheil Shukla is the creator behind @plantbasedartist on Instagram and the author of the vegan cookbook Plant-Based India. 
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Young woman wearing white sweater

Reunion: Lily Morello

Lily Morello is a Malaysian Chinese American food blogger and game writer based in San Francisco, California. 
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Jessie YuChen wearing glasses and wearing brown sweater

Reunion: Jessie YuChen

Jessie YuChen (she/they) is a food and lifestyle photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.
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