Gordon & Li Li: My First Mandarin Words

SKU: 978133825372

Learn English and Mandarin words with panda cousins Gordon and Li Li in this charming and colorful bilingual first words book!

Gordon and Li Li are cousins. Li Li is from Beijing, China, and speaks Mandarin. Gordon lives in Brooklyn, New York, and speaks English. When Li Li visits Gordon for the first time, the cousins must learn to communicate using simple, everyday words.

Children and caregivers can read along with Gordon and Li Li as they learn first words in English and Mandarin. Each spread of this sturdy book spotlights a different theme, including greetings, everyday words, animals, and numbers. And every word features the English spelling, simplified Chinese character, pinyin, and the phonetic pronunciation to help readers practice.

  • Board Book
  • 24 Pages
  • ISBN 9781338253726

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