Funko Pop! Cowboy Bebop Collection

SKU: DCD-MAR229721

Spike Spiegel with Weapon:

This former criminal is on the run from the Red Dragon Syndicate after faking his own death. Pop! Spike Spiegel takes up bounty hunting to get by while in hiding from the syndicate, and just wants to eat some decent food while in your Cowboy Bebop collection. Instant ramen will have to suffice. No Cowboy Bebop collection is complete without the cool and collected, Spike Spiegel.

Jet Black with Bonsai:

Help your Cowboy Bebop collection find a moment of zen with Pop! Jet holding one of his beloved Bonsai in hand, perfectly pruned. No Cowboy Bebop collection is complete without Pop! Jet Black.

Faye Valentine (Red Dress):

Feeling full of herself, Faye breaks away from Spike and Jet to try an capture the bounty they're after for herself. Following a lead which takes her to an opera house, Faye can be found in a red dress in Session # 5 "Ballad of Fallen Angels" in Cowboy Bebop. Don’t miss your chance to capture this criminal for your Cowboy Bebop collection as Pop! Faye Valentine (Red Dress).

Ed & Ein on Scooter:

Ed and Ein are on the go. With Ein the pup packed, Edward is pushing off to pursue your Cowboy Bebop collection in Pop! form. Act fast to catch this Welsh Corgi data dog and the oh-so-mysterious hacker, as Pop! Ed and Ein on Scooter for your Cowboy Bebop collection.


  • Each standard-sized Pop! figure stands about 4" tall and comes packaged in collector-friendly window box packaging.

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